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Bug Camps

Having it be summer and having no school, to consume my time I have been preparing for the bug camps. My dad is the director of these camps and there is three of them all lasting five days ranging with kids from 6-10. I have been a junior counselor in these since 2016 but each year that goes by I get more liberty. For example in all of these camps I am in charge of four kids and for the first time I have made an activity for it. I am very excited about this activity because it was always a favorite of mine each year. It's called Bug Jeopardy, it is the same thing as jeopardy but the questions are about insects. This happens at the end of the week on the last day to see what everyone has learned. We have been using the same board for many years with the same questions so I made a new one. This could be used as a backup, replacement, redemption, bonus speed round, etc. Whichever it turns out to be it is my first time making something for the camp that I created. I picked out all thee colors, fonts questions and decorations. It just makes me one step closer each passing year to becoming a full counselor.

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